Comeback Resources

Here are some links to books, journal articles, and web sites
 that may be useful to a player who is returning to trumpet playing,
or for various reasons  is rebuilding or resuscitating* their chops.

* resuscitate (verb): to revive from  unconsciousness or apparent death

Shook, Brian.  "Maximizing Daily Practice".  In ITG Journal, Vol. 36 no. 1,
                          October 2011.

Lucinda Lewis   (author of books about embouchure repair)

Jeff Purtle

Hickman, David.  Trumpet Pedagogy, A Compendium of Modern Teaching
                           Techniques.  Hickman Music Editions, 2006.  503 pp

Mathie, Gordon.  The Trumpet Teachers Guide, third edition.  Manduca
                       Music Publications.