Trumpet Topics

Trumpet Topics is a page linked to mini-essays on various aspects of improving one's skills on the trumpet. The purpose is to offer  "Tips" which I would like to share with others who, like myself, are lifelong students and lovers of the trumpet.

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Getting Back In Shape

Long Tones vs. Lip Slurs


Vibrato Exercises


Warm-up Philosophy

Buzzing: Beyond Warmup

Length & Spacing of Practice Sessions

Single Tonguing  Part One

Single Tonguing  Part Two

Single Tonguing Part Three

Single Tonguing  Part Four

Single Tonguing  Part Five

Cleaning Your Equipment

Performance Preparation

Metronome Practice

Start On a Downbeat

Tongue Hard on Slow Passages

Practice Tech.: Slow vs. Fast Part One

Practice Tech.: Slow vs. Fast Part Two

Practice Habits

Balance daily ff and pp

Practice Mutes

Baroque Trumpet Study

Lip Flexibility Prep. Exercises I

Lip Flexibility Prep. Exercises II

Lip Flexibility Prep. ExercisesIII

Lip Slurs for the Week

Lip Trills

Trills: Pitch Focus

Setting Goals

One, Two, Ready, Tense-Up


Reverse Pivot

Long Tong Crescendo-Decrescendo

Motivation Through Listening


Changing Styles

Pitch and Key Names


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Bryan Goff
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Florida State University

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